Purged #NVDemConvention Voters Say Registration Was Illegally Switched Without Their Knowledge

Nevada Democratic Convention voters prohibited from voting for Bernie Sanders say their voter registration was switched illegally without their knowledge.


It doesn’t need to be said, but mainstream media will not be reporting this. The Nevada state Democratic Convention on Saturday was pure, unadulterated chaos. From the very beginning to the very end, delegates who supported Bernie Sanders say it was essentially a one-woman show controlled by state chairwoman Roberta Lange.

Those media outlets that have seen fit to publish stories about the contentious convention are only telling one side of the story. And that story goes something like this: Delegates who showed up at the convention were not registered as Democrats by the May 1 deadline.

RawStory ran what amounts to a generic story with few details about why those delegates were denied entry by the credentials committee.

Reports have emerged that several people who were county convention delegates were either not on the rolls as being a delegate, were unregistered for unknown reasons, or had their party affiliation changed between the county conventions and the state convention on Saturday. One delegate uploaded her Clark County credentials, with a letter and her name badge as proof that she’d been a delegate.

She then wrote that despite having participated in the county convention, Nevada convention officials denied her access. Roseann Pascoe Blackburn gave a brief description of what happened to her.

“Nevada Democrats have no record of me being a county delegate, which in turn excludes me from the state level despite me having proof.”

After a few comments she explained that she was not the only person at the Nevada convention this had happened to.

Nevada isn’t the only state this has happened, though. New York purged more than 100,000 voters from its rolls, most for no reason. And in Iowa, delegates reported having had their registrations switched, as well. On Democratic Underground, a forum for political discussion, user CoffeeCat, an Iowa delegate recounted her experience in a thread posted on Sunday.

“I’m a Bernie delegate from Iowa. I participated in our County Convention and I was gearing up to participate as a Bernie delegate in our District convention, which was held two weeks ago. Three days before the District Convention, I get a phone call from a Bernie Sanders staff member.

They were wondering why I was registered as a Republican in the state of Iowa.”

CoffeeCat then stated that she had never been registered as a Republican in her life. She had voted for Democrats since the early 1980s, and speculated that her registration must have been changed sometime between Feb. 1 and May 1. Someone, somewhere in the state of Iowa, changed her voter registration, and according to CoffeeCat, she was not the only person this happened to.

Fortunately for her, she was able to get her registration changed in time, but she still encountered an issue when getting credentialed.

“I showed up at the District Convention in May, and sure enough, my name had a big line through it. The Hillary person at check-in table questioned my Republican status. I had the appropriate paperwork to document that I had switched to Democrat so I was let in.”

In the Facebook group Document Election Fraud: 2016, Drusilla Loudon described her experience as a delegate at the Nevada Convention.

“A friend of mine, who’s been very active in the Nevada Democratic party for years, had his affiliation suddenly switched to Republican. Once that was straightened out, he was told that they gave his credentials to someone with the same name. Then they told him that person’s contact information. So he spent several hours on Friday night and the first three or four hours of the convention trying to fix their mess.”

Loudon also corrected the record, so to speak, about Nina Turner. CNN has spun the story to make it appear that Bernie Sanders delegates were booing Turner, but even Turner denied that.

In Illinois, observers testified to seeing paper ballots being changed to reflect what the machine tallies showed, an indication that the machines were likely tampered with. In Arizona, two-thirds of polling stations were closed, forcing voters to stand in line for hours. Registrations had also been changed from Democrat to Republican or Independent, rendering them disqualified from the state primary.

Even with these examples, Nevada’s Democratic Convention surpasses those with its brazenness. It has become increasingly hard to just chalk all of these instances of voter suppression to mere consequence. Something behind the scenes seems to be working against Bernie Sanders, and Nevada’s Democratic Party just drew a line in the sand.

Sandra Weick, of Nye County, Nevada told Inquisitr that she was purged as a candidate for the national delegation. Although able to participate in the convention itself, she said party officials “lost” her information as a candidate for national delegate and she could not even run as a write-in.

“They ‘lost’ my information … I even received emails that showed I was a candidate and I was on the national delegate list for the DNC. I lost my voice in more ways than one last night thanks to Roberta Lange.”

The delegates who were denied their right to represent Bernie Sanders at the Nevada Convention are just a small part of what appears to be a major effort to suppress the vote. Even if this is just a massive case of incompetence, it proves that the Democratic party at every level is either incapable or unwilling to operate in a democratic, representative manner.

Story originally published: inquisitr

Republished under Fair Use as this depicts an ongoing scandal.

Caught On: Tape Bernie Voters Purged, Hillary Supporters Vote Without Registering #NVDemConvention

While over 200 Bernie supporters were prevented from voting, Hillary supporters were allowed to walk in and vote without even registering at all.

Benrie Voters Purged But Hillary Supporters Vote Without Registering
200 Bernie Voters Purged But Hillary Supporters Vote Without Registering

A video posted on YouTube by James Porter purports to show Hillary Clinton voters bypassing the registration area to cast ballots in the Nevada caucus Saturday.

“They’re letting them into the caucus right now without registering them,” a woman can be heard yelling as a steady line of people stream by.

“They’re going to do the count. They’re all going to be part of the count,” anther woman can be heard saying in reply.

“But they’re not registered,” a man says.

“They will register after this,” the woman can be heard saying.

“Clinton supports caught BREAKING the rules,” Porter writes in the video description. “This just happened at caucus location in Nevada. Hillary supporters were not registering to caucus, which is NOT allowed by the Democratic Party.”

White House Petition Investigate misconduct by the chair of the 5/14/2016 #Nevada Democratic Convention

A petition to investigate this fraud has put on the White House Petition site.

Petition For White House To Investigate NV Dem Convention fraud
Petition For White House To Investigate NV Dem Convention fraud

36,492 people have signed so far.

Investigate misconduct by the chair of the 5/14/2016 Nevada Democratic Convention


Over 200 Bernie Votes Purged At #NVDemConvention – #FreeThe64

Hillary wins Nevada by 31 votes after 200 Bernie delegates that were denied the right to vote at the Nevada Democratic Convention. Help locate the purged voters so we can get their votes counted.

Last night election fraud at the Nevada Democratic convention was live streamed as Hillary Clinton won by 31 votes after rules were rigged in her favor.

It is reported that over 200 delegates that voted for Bernie Sanders were denied the right to vote.

Over 200 Over 200 Bernie Delegates Denied The Right To Vote NVDemConvention. Of those 64 were able to sign a petition but were still denied the right to vote
Over 200 Over 200 Bernie Delegates Denied The Right To Vote NVDemConvention. Of those 64 were able to sign a petition but were still denied the right to vote

Of those 200 delegates, 64 were able to get their names on a petition which was presented at the end of the convention on the minority report.

The petition was denied and the delegates were told they could take up their issue at the Democratic National Convention.

The problem that at that point Hillary will have 20 delegates from Nevada there and Bernie Sanders will only have 15 making it virtually too late to rectify the issue

This site has been set up to collect the a list of delegates denied the right to vote.

The official establishment party line is these people were purged from the vote because their records couldn’t be located or they did not register in time.

However, some have come forward to show that they were in fact registered.

Ann Lewis Denied Right To Vote As NVDemConvention Bernie Delegate
Ann Lewis Denied Right To Vote As NVDemConvention Bernie Delegate

This a video uploaded to YouTube of another voter denied.

It doesn’t not make sense that these voters made it through the prior tiers held previously without their records being in the system.

You can use the contact form on this site or the following:

If you were, or you know of anyone, that was denied the right to vote please forward me your contact name so we can have this issue addressed before the National Democratic Convention.

twitter: https://twitter.com/kr3at
facebook: http://facebook.com/alexhiggins732
youtube: http://youtube.com/alexhiggins732

More suspiciously is while the voting was still going on, final results of the vote were reported on a local media outlet via the Associated Press.

Yet the convention didn’t end until around 10:00 pm because the event fell behind the official agenda schedule.

The vote’s were stilling being counted at 3:30pm and yet the final vote count reported at the conclusion of the convention matched the “early lead” count reported by the news outlet.

Official Nevada Democratic Convention Agenda - from http://nvdems.com/caucus/caucus-to-convention/nv-dems-2016-state-convention-agenda/
Official Nevada Democratic Convention Agenda

For more background:

Crooked Hillary Election Fraud – Chaos At #NVDemConvention

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