Lawsuit Filed today #CrookedHillary Voter Suppression in CA

A lawsuit was filed today by in California detailing widespread violation of election laws across state which aim to suppress voter’s from voting for Bernie Sanders in California. The lawsuit was filed jointly by two civil rights attorney’s and an election watchdog which uncovered election fraud against Bernie Sanders in New York.


As widely reported California’s ballots have been made overtly confusing for independent voters in a way that deceptively mislead independent voter’s register incorrectly and prevent them from voting in the upcoming primary.

California has now compounded that mistake by sending ballots to independent voters that do not allow them to vote in the upcoming primary

Furthermore, California Election law requires such voters are informed of their rights and are provided with instruction on who to exercise their rights.

Because of the registrar’s mistakes, many No Party Preference voters may have already received non-partisan ballots that contained no information whatsoever regarding their right to request a “crossover” ballot until May 31, 2016. If those NPP voters “wrote-in” a presidential candidate on a non-partisan ballot, the registrar’s office will probably invalidate their ballot and not count their vote – That is voter suppression due to misinformation.

For the Most Up To Date, Long and lot’s of info click here:

There are several more election law violations listed in the lawsuit and detailed in the above link.

SAN FRANCISCO, Friday, May 20, 2016:
Civil rights attorneys and voter rights activists are filing a civil lawsuit in Federal Court over election materials sent out in advance of the California Primary. Critical omissions of instructions from county applications to vote by mail have violated state election laws, according to the plaintiffs.

Civil rights attorneys Bill Simpich and Stephen R. Jaffe have filed the suit on behalf of both left-leaning supporters of Bernie Sanders and the right-leaning American Independent Party. “These omissions will likely discourage thousands of California voters,” says Simpich. “Independent voters who have stated ‘No Party Preference’ (NPP) may not be able to vote in the June 7th Primary because of the confusion over how to obtain a party-based Presidential primary ballots. Those ballots are not automatically mailed with their nonpartisan ballot. They must be requested by the voters. That has not been made clear in the instructions sent.”


Further, defendants Tim Depuis and John Arntz, chiefs of the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and the San Francisco Department of Elections, distributed to voters an electronic application to vote by mail that does not contain the mandatory notice, as seen on Depuis’ Oakland website and Artnz’s San Francisco website.

In San Francisco and other counties, election officials mailed the proper version with the mandatory notice to independent voters, but an improper version to party-affiliated voters, which implicitly discourages party voters from re-registering as independents. “Registration/party affiliation changes are still possible until May 23. We are seeking an extension of the registration period due to these errors,” Simpich said.


A number of County Registrars across California mailed Vote-By-Mail Ballot Applications that were NOT in compliance with California law 3006. One of the many ways in which these postcards (see below) were not compliant with the law is that they listed the wrong date for the deadline to return the forms. Many people received the postcards after the incorrect date and were inaccurately lead to believe that the deadline had passed, so they did not request a “crossover” ballot.


The plaintiffs in the lawsuit seek the following…
  1. A “declaratory judgment” essentially saying that the defendants violated the law regarding their obligation to provide voting rights notices required by statute.
  2. Wide distribution of this information via radio, TV, newspaper, internet social media platforms in Alameda County and throughout the state of California;
  3. Ensuring that sufficient ballot forms for all of the Presidential primary candidates are at all of the polling places on June 7;
  4. That no party preference voters are not refused a Presidential primary ballot if they personally appear at their proper polling place;
  5. Changing the applications at the Board of Elections websites in Alameda County, San Francisco, and throughout the state of California to conform with the essential terms set forth in the uniform application created by the Secretary of State;
  6. An order permitting the write-in of the Democratic, American Independent Party, and Libertarian candidates, or, in the alternative, segregation of the ballots that have already been cast by those with no party preference registration in order to permit voters to re-vote for the candidate of their choice by June 7;
  7. An order extending the registration deadline to June 7, in order to ensure that no party preference voters are properly informed of the option to either re-register with a party or request a Democratic, American Independent Party or Libertarian Party Presidential primary ballot;
  8. An order, as well, stating that party voters must be properly informed of the option to re-register as no party preference and request a Democratic, American Independent Party or Libertarian Party Presidential primary ballot if that is their preference;
  9. An order that provisional ballots will not be issued to voters unless there is no other alternative.
If you have encountered any
difficulties with the election process,
click on the image below…


(Scroll down – all the details are below…)


I live in Los Angeles County in California.
On May 5, 2016 I found the document below in the mail from 
the County Clerk/Registrar-Recorder for Los Angeles County:
The problem with the above document is that the actual deadline to request a “crossover” ballot is May 31, 2016, not March 18, 2016. Also, the “Official Voter Information Guide” does not clearly state anywhere that “No Party Preference” voters may request a “crossover” ballot. It only references the inaccurate card that the registrar mailed out (see above). The Official Voter Information Guide does not provide the required form required by law.
Below are some of the inaccurate, misleading and non-compliant forms that were produced by county registrars across California:
The form provided by Nevada County does not state that the deadline to submit the form is May 31, 2016. It also does not list the three parties (American Independent, Democratic and Libertarian) which permit “crossover” voters to participate in their primary election.
Riverside County also sent out confusing information which may have led voters to believe that the deadline was April 22, 2016:
San Bernardino County also sent out confusing information which may have led voters to believe that the deadline was April 1, 2016:
Sonoma County also sent out confusing information which may have led voters to believe that the deadline was April 15, 2016:

The above information was published on the following websites:
It is likely that Sonoma mailed out the postcards after the deadline that they printed on the postcard…
Ventura County also sent out confusing information which may have led voters to believe that the deadline was March 25, 2016:
The postcard below was found online, but we have not yet been able to determine which county distributed it.

The postcards shown above were mailed as “a convenience” for voters as well as a way for the registrar’s offices to ensure that voters received the correct ballots in the most accurate way possible. I have received feedback from the Los Angeles Registrar’s office and appreciate their efforts to help clarify voting deadlines and other details.

It is unfortunate that the above forms may have confused many voters. I believe that other counties may have mailed similar notices.

The date by which you may request
a mail-in ballot is May 31, 2016.
Below are some comments regarding the issue of voter suppression…

If you are a California voter and have received a notice like those shown above from any other county, please contact me directly A.S.A.P. Give me a call if you have any questions.
James Roguski

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