Bernie Voter Registrations Purged From NJ Database

hi friends, heads up for NJ residents — i now know personally know two people who’ve been “disappeared” from the voter database in NJ. these are both hardcore Berners, very active, very organized, who verified their Democrat registrations over a month ago. they don’t know each other. they each went to check one last time today and found they were not registered AT ALL. now they are scrambling to fix. please spread the word in your groups! thanks!


As the Nevada Democratic Convention fraud continues to be a hot topic, with Bernie Sanders losing by 31 votes after 64 of his delegates were disqualified because their voter registration information was “missing” or “changed” we look ahead to the June 7th Primaries which will be make or break for #DropOutHillary in fighting of a contested convention.

NJ and California will be key states in determining whether the convention will be contested or not.

Following a long history of voter fraud following #CrookedOutHillary in elections across the country we now receive news that the same kind of fraud is happening in NJ.

Just received this tip via Teri Juliano:

Bernie Voter Registrations Disappear from NJ Database LG

NJ voters, you can check your NJ Voter registration status here.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Voter Registrations Purged From NJ Database”

  1. this hillary shiet has gone far beyond being sad; we so clearly do not live in a democracy; it is time for a revolution.


  2. How is Killary going to win if she doesn’t cheat? You people who are Feelin’ the Bern are making it hard for her to get to be Prez. She’s earned it by having a vagina, competing for women with her husband, and making big promises to Wall Street for mega donations.


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